1. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

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    2. Scanning electron microscope (SEM)

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    1. Fast Fourier transform crystal plasticity solvers (CPFFT)

  • The CPFFT solvers are schemes using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) technique to analyze the plastic behaviors of crystals. This method requires less matrix solution thus reducing the computation time. A detailed description of this method in application to materials, with infinitesimal elasto-visco-plastic constitutive behavior and the shear transformation induced within twin lamellae, can be found in the two references.

  • Twin-twin interactions in a tri-crystal set-up [Download source files] [Readme]

  • References [1][2]


  • The Visco Plastic Self Consistent (VPSC) model is a computer code written in FORTRAN 77 which simulates the plastic deformation of polycrystalline aggregates by Lebensohn and Tomé (Acta Mater. 1993). It was developed for application to low-symmetry materials (hexagonal, trigonal, orthorhombic, trigonal), although it also performs well on cubic materials. The simulation procedure can be applied to the deformation of metals, intermetallics, and geological aggregates.

  • Version 7 [Download source files] [Readme]

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     3. Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator


  • LAMMPS is a classical atomistic simulation program developed by the Sandia National Laboratories. It focuses on materials modeling at the atomic scale. It can also be used to model general particles at the mesoscale and continuum scales. LAMMPS runs on a single processor or multiple processors in parallel. The parallelization is realized by the spatial decomposition technique, in which the simulation domain is partitioned into small sub-domains, one of which is assigned to each processor. Many processes in LAMMPS support accelerated performance on CPUs, GPUs, and Intel Xeon Phis. LAMMPS is distributed as open-source code under the terms of the GPL.

  • Current version [Download source files]

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  • A sample configuration for twin embryos and the associate input files [Download / ReadmeRef]